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Media Releases

Media Releases

Media releases related to Markle's collaborative work are listed below in reverse-chronological order (most recent first).

Leading Journalist and Academician Named to Fellowship Program by the Markle Foundation

July 10, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—Brendan Koerner, Senior Editor of U.S. News & World Report, and Jonathan Koppell, a writer and Ph.D. Candidate in ...

National Expert on Use of Information Technology to Measure and Improve Quality in Health Care Will Join Markle Foundation

July 7, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—Dr. Carol C. Diamond, a physician who has worked on the forefront of the convergence of health care and information ...

American Mothers are Primary Influence on Women's Political Behavior and Attitudes,Oxygen/Markle Pulse Finds

June 13, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—American women's political behavior and attitudes are greatly influenced by their mothers' activities and behavior, ...

National Security Expert Will Join New York-Based Markle Foundation as a Senior Advisor

June 9, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—The Markle Foundation today announced that James B. Steinberg, presently Deputy National Security Advisor to President ...

Leading Internet Portals and Markle Foundation Unfurl Web White & Blue 2000

April 25, 2000
WASHINGTON, DC—Markle Foundation President Zoë Baird today announced a collaboration between leading Internet traffic centers and ...

Markle Foundation Commits $1.6 Million to Develop Public Interest Advocacy Clinics Specializing in Internet Issues

April 24, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—The Markle Foundation today committed $1.6 million to support the development of legal and other graduate training programs ...

Markle Foundation Names Alice Cahn Of Children's Television Workshop To Direct Program On Interactive Media For Children

April 10, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—Markle Foundation President Zoë Baird today named Alice Cahn to lead the foundation's Interactive Media for ...

Two Out Of Three Americans Believe Men Should Take More Than Two Weeks Paternity Leave

April 5, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—Most Americans believe men should take more than two weeks paternity leave after the birth or adoption of a child and would ...

Markle Foundation Commits Resources of Nearly $1 Million to the Development of Online Content and Services that Meet the Needs of Low-Income Communities

March 15, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—Markle Foundation President Zoë Baird today announced the commitment of nearly one million dollars to efforts aimed at ...

Markle Foundation Announces Initiative to Enable Non-Profit Groups to More Fully Participate in Internet Governance

March 7, 2000
NEW YORK, NY—The Markle Foundation is undertaking an initiative to enable non-profit groups to more fully participate in Internet ...