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Media Releases

Media Releases

Media releases related to Markle's collaborative work are listed below in reverse-chronological order (most recent first).

Health and Technology Leaders Release the Markle Connecting for Health Common Framework for Initiating Private and Secure Health Information Sharing

April 6, 2006
WASHINGTON, DC—Markle Connecting for Health, a public-private collaborative of more than 100 organizations, today released its Common ...

Markle Connecting for Health Prototype Successfully Moved Electronic Health Information Among Medical Record Systems in Three States on Three Independent Networks

February 8, 2006
NEW YORK, NY—Markle Connecting for Health announced today that its three-state prototype has achieved an important first milestone toward ...

Chinese Turn to Internet for Entertainment and Connecting With Others, as Number of Broadband Connections Increase in China

November 17, 2005
NEW YORK, NY—The ways in which the Chinese internet users utilize and think about the Internet are described in a public opinion survey ...

Americans Support Online Personal Health Records; Patient Privacy and Control Over Their Own Information Are Crucial to Acceptance

October 11, 2005
WASHINGTON, DC—The American public believes strongly that electronic medical records can make the difference between life and death in ... Will Provide Prescription Medication Information For Katrina Evacuees to Authorized Health Professionals and Pharmacists

September 22, 2005
NEW YORK, NY—An online service for authorized health professionals to gain electronic access to prescription medication records for ...

Edward F. Rover Joins the Board of the Markle Foundation

June 28, 2005
NEW YORK, NY—The Markle Foundation announced today that Edward F. Rover, President of the Dana Foundation, has joined the Board of ...

Markle Connecting for Health Statement on HHS Plans to Enhance Electronic Exchange of Health Information

June 6, 2005
NEW YORK, NY—"Secretary Mike Leavitt has moved us much closer to the day when every patient in the United States will be able to ...
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Prototype for a Nationwide Health Information Exchange Launched by Connecting for Health

June 1, 2005
NEW YORK, NY—Markle Connecting for Health, a public-private collaborative of more than 100 diverse organizations, announced today that it ...

Leading Health Care and Information Technology Groups Endorse Common Framework for Health Information Exchange to Support Improvements in Health and Healthcare

January 18, 2005
New York, NY and Washington, DC—Thirteen major health and information technology organizations, in an unprecedented joint collaboration, ...

Intelligence Reform Bill Creates Framework For Information Sharing Environment

December 10, 2004
NEW YORK, NY—The Markle Foundation Task Force on National Security in the Information Age said today that the Intelligence Reform and ...