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Markle In the News

Markle In the News

Markle In the News includes articles, op-eds, blog commentary, and news items related to Markle's collaborative work.  The items are listed in reverse chronological order (newest first).

ONC Budget Flatlined – RHIOs Hit, PHRs Saved from Meddling

January 7, 2008
In the recently passed 2008 Federal budget, Bush did not get his requested increase for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health ...
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Data Decommissioning: Destruction of Accountability

January 5, 2008
Having designed a lot of systems over the years – more often than not the customer says they plan on performing periodic purges of ...
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Q&A with Carol Diamond

March 1, 2007

Carol C. Diamond discusses why public trust is essential to the successful exchange of electronic health information, and how that trust can be built.

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Q&A with David Lansky

October 1, 2005
David Lansky, Executive Director of the Markle Foundation, explains why interoperability is essential for improving the quality of care and ...
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