Models for Data Storage & Exchange, Aggregate Data, De‐identification and Re‐identification

September 18, 2009 | Speech, Testimony
Claudia Williams
Health IT Policy Committee

In this testimony, Claudia Williams addresses this goal of maintaining public trust by making privacy a critical enabler of information sharing and health IT adoption, and in particular the architecture choices needed to support trusted information sharing. 

The remarks focus on three key points:

  1. Adopt a Framework‐Based Approach. The full array of foundational privacy principles, sound network design and strong governance and accountability are all needed and must work together to assure trusted information sharing.
  2. Ensure that Policy Guides Technology. Policy goals must shape technology choices, including standards and architecture, and not vice versa.
  3. Stimulate Innovative Models for Protecting and Sharing Information. Public investments should support and encourage innovative models to achieve our health goals and protect information.