Remodeling the US Government for Energy Security: Initial Findings from the Big Energy Map

December 1, 2008 | Report, White Paper
Sharon Burke, Christine Parthemore

This working paper covers energy security strategy, the role of the executive office of the president, and the federal agency infrastructure for implementing strategy.

The President-Elect outlined the main elements of a strategy to stem the risks of climate change and shift the nation away from geostrategic energy supply vulnerability. In keeping with his campaign speeches, his vision centered on:

  • Innovation: in basic research into alternative and renewable fuels, end-use technologies, and propagation and commercialization of science and technology
  • Job creation: “green jobs” can be an important part of the economic recovery and address the nation’s energy and environmental challenges at the same time.
  • International cooperation: especially in accomplishing climate change agreements
  • Partnership: focused on the private sector, states, and Congress

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