A Framework for Informed, Intelligent and Safe Decision-Making for Health in the 21st Century

Decision-Making for Population Health “First Principles”
November 8, 2007 | Report, White Paper
Markle Foundation

These principles articulate a set of operating assumptions we will bring to our work on network design to support health decision-making.

Markle Connecting for Health has proposed a nationwide framework for a secure “network of networks” to enable the sharing of personal health information where and when it is needed for the care of individual patients.  This same environment must also support critical needs to evaluate and improve health care and the health of the general population. In the 21st century, the United States must have an information-sharing environment that enables each person to generate knowledge and make better health and health care decisions by analyzing data from disparate sources.  This approach must be based on principles that support the efficient exchange of accurate information as well as the protection of individual privacy and personal choice.  

The First Principles for Population Health Data Sharing and Decision Making are derived from extensive discussions by the Connecting for Health Steering Group, these principles extend upon the foundation work of the Markle Connecting for Health Common Framework and the Roadmap on Achieving Electronic Connectivity.
First Principles:
  1. Designed for Decisions   
  2. Designed for Many  
  3. Shaped by Public Policy Goals and Values 
  4. Boldly Led, Broadly Implemented
  5. Possible, Responsive, and Effective
  6. Distributed but Queriable
  7. Trusted through Safeguards and Transparency
  8. Layers of Protection
  9. Accountability and Enforcement of Good Network Citizenship

Population Health

As health information becomes increasingly networked, there are growing opportunities to support health and health care not only for individuals, but for entire populations as well. 

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