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Public Opinion Surveys

Public Opinion Surveys

Markle Survey on Health in a Networked Life 2010:

Doctors and Patients Overwhelmingly Agree on
Health IT Priorities to Improve Health Care

Markle's survey uniquely compares the core values of physicians and patients on deployment of information technology in health care. It comes at the start of a new federal program to help doctors and hospitals upgrade from paper to electronic health records. Results show overwhelming agreement on key requirements for health IT to increase the quality, safety and cost-efficiency of care, as well as core privacy protections.

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3 in 4 Doctors Would Prefer Computerized Means to Share Patient Information with Each Other

January 31, 2011

While most doctors said they would prefer computer-based means to share patient information with other doctors, only 17 percent said they are doing so today.

Many Doctors and Patients Perceive Gaps in Their Communications

January 31, 2011

The public and doctors have contrasting perceptions about how frequently information is lost in doctor-patient interactions.

Large Majorities of Public, Doctors Agree on Information-Sharing Priorities

January 31, 2011

Majorities of both groups say requirements to protect privacy, improve health care and increase efficiencies are important.

Public Expects Benefits from Health IT

December 3, 2010

Public and doctors agree on importance of specific privacy safeguards.

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Survey Snapshot: The Public and Doctors Agree with ‘Blue Button’ Idea

October 7, 2010

A Markle survey found that most of the U.S. public and doctors believe patients should be able to download and keep copies of their personal health information. That’s the simple idea behind a blue button.

Americans Overwhelmingly Believe Electronic Personal Health Records Could Improve Their Health

June 1, 2008

Results of a national survey on public opinions of the potential and privacy considerations of PHRs.

Survey Finds Americans Want Electronic Personal Health Information to Improve Own Health Care

November 1, 2006

Survey shows that consumers view personal health records as an important element in reducing medical errors and increasing quality of care. Consumers see key role for government in protecting privacy, setting guidelines for sharing data.

Attitudes of Americans Regarding Personal Health Records and Nationwide Electronic Health Information Exchange

October 11, 2005
More than 7 out of 10 Americans support the creation of a nationwide health information exchange or network for doctors and patients. They ...

Connecting Americans to their Health Care

July 1, 2004
From January 2004 through June 2004, within the framework of Phase II of Connecting for Health, the Working Group on Policies for Electronic ...

Americans Want Benefits of Personal Health Records

June 5, 2003
Over 70 percent of those surveyed believe PHRs would improve the quality of health care. Over two-thirds would use PHR features that are or may ...