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Experts & Impact

Experts & Impact

Markle's subject matter experts have collaborated with their counterparts in industry, the public sector, and consumer advocacy organizations to build consensus from diverse points of view. Health Work Groups have been made up of members of our Health Steering Group and outside experts. We have convened the following national panels to recommend policies for information technology in health:

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  • Margaret E. O'Kane

    President, National Committee for Quality Assurance

  • Marcus Osborne

    Senior Director, Healthcare Savings Programs & Global Sourcing, Walmart

  • J. Marc Overhage, MD, PhD

    Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Siemens Healthcare

  • Dennis O’Leary

    President Emeritus, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations


"...Markle Connecting for Health is relentlessly centered on the patient/consumer - as both our health care systems and our health information systems must be."


Rex Cowdry, MD, MPH

Executive Director, Maryland Health Care Commission