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Experts & Impact

Experts & Impact

Markle's subject matter experts have collaborated with their counterparts in industry, the public sector, and consumer advocacy organizations to build consensus from diverse points of view. Health Work Groups have been made up of members of our Health Steering Group and outside experts. We have convened the following national panels to recommend policies for information technology in health:

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  • Thomas Eberle

    Intel Corporation and Dossia

  • Nancy Davenport Ennis

    Chief Executive Officer, National Patient Advocate Foundation

  • David Epstein

    Chief Operating Officer, VT MAK

  • Vicki Estrin

    Principal, C3 Consulting LLC

  • Colin Evans

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Dossia Consortium

  • Karen Evans

    KE&T Partners, LLC


"With the Markle Common Framework, the CFH project achieved a quantum step forward in conceiving the NHIN and making it practicable."


Wesley Rishel

Research Vice President, Government and Healthcare, Gartner Inc.