Overwhelming Agreement on Health IT Priorities to Improve Patient Care

Public investments in health IT should come with accountability and privacy protections, and lead to improved health.

Patients Should Be Able to View and Download Their Health Info

The public and physicians agree that patients should have online tools to view, download, and share their health information.

Demographics of Public and Doctors Surveyed

The results are drawn from a general population survey of 1,582 adults and a survey of 779 physicians conducted by Knowledge Networks between August 10 and 26, 2010.

The Public and Doctors Surveyed Use Social Media in Comparable Proportions

Patient and doctor use of social media, both separately and together, is an area that requires much more study.

Roughly Half of Doctors Say Pay Reform is Important

Majorities of the public and doctors surveyed say current payment is based on volume and view payment reform as an important step to improving health care.

The Public and Physicians Largely Unfamiliar with Details of Health IT Incentives Program

There are high levels of public and physician agreement on what the priorities should be for the health IT investments, but low levels of familiarity with the actual program elements.

Public, Doctors Agree on Importance of Specific Privacy Protections

Both groups view privacy and security protections as important requirements for them to support health IT efforts.

70 Percent of Public Says Patients Should Get Summaries After Doctor Visits

A majority of the public says that patients should get after-visit summaries; more than a third of doctors agree.

Public and Doctors Alike Support Allowing Individuals to Download Their Own Health Information

Solid majorities of both the public and doctors surveyed support the principle that people ought to be able to download and keep copies of their personal health information.

PHR Adoption on the Rise

Reported PHR use by the public is 10 percent, up from 3 percent found in Markle’s 2008 survey. A similar proportion of doctors say they offer PHR tools to their patients.