Second Letter on the Markle Economic Future Initiative

Dear Friends, America has been defined by a simple aspiration: that everyone in this country should have the freedom to dream and the ...

Letter on the Markle Economic Future Initiative

Co-chairs Zoë Baird and Howard Schultz describe the Markle Initiative for America’s Economic Future in a Networked World and share the names of the Members.

Ten Years After 9/11: A Status Report on Information Sharing

Senate Committee on Homeland Security hears Markle Task Force testimony on information sharing in the ten years after 9/11.

Television Audience Assessment

Morrisett wrote about television viewership and advertising.

Television: America's Neglected Teacher

Morrisett wrote about the potential of television in education.

The Twilight of Television

Morrisett wrote about the advent of multimedia.

The Markle Foundation 1985

Morrisett wrote about the state of the Markle Foundation and the transformation its mass communications program.

The Age of Television and the Television Age

Morrisett wrote about the first twenty years of the Age of Television and the state of children's programming.

Sesame Street at Ten

Morrisett wrote about the development and success of Sesame Street.

Rx for Public Television

Morrisett wrote about improving public television.