Blue Button: A Springboard to Innovation

In Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government, Gavin Newsom, California Lieutenant Governor and former mayor of San Francisco, describes the benefits of the Blue Button and how it became a model for consumers to benefit from access to their own information.

Blue Button: The Early Days--2012 Consumer Health IT Summit

Peter Levin, Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs, credited Markle and the collaborative process.

Showing the Potential and Impact of the Blue Button

The blue button emerged from a simple, yet powerful concept: with better access to their own health information, individuals can become more ...

Markle Foundation Releases Blue Button Video to Show Promise and Potential of Consumers Access to their Own Health Information

To help consumers, providers, insurers and other health data holders see how providing the ability for people to download their health records can improve health and health care, the Markle Foundation today released a new video showing the power of blue button technology.

Consumers Could Get Lab Test Results Themselves Under New Proposed Rule

Under a proposed new rule being issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, patients anywhere in the country will be able to get their clinical test results directly from the lab.

Video: Blue Button to Download Your Health Information

Watch three veterans explain how the VA's Blue Button helps them get safer and better care.

VA Seeks To Expand 'Blue Button' references the Blue Button concept, which Markle developed in collaboration with other groups to call for a set of privacy and security policies based on the Markle Common Framework.

Markle Connecting for Health Collaborative Comments on Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Markle collaborators identify strategic opportunities for patient engagement, care coordination, quality reporting, and privacy in Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use incentives program.

The Road Ahead for the New National Coordinator for Health IT

Carol Diamond comments on opportunities, challenges awaiting the new National Coordinator for Health IT.

President Obama Points to Personal Health Information Downloads

In his State of the Union address, Obama cites veterans’ ability to download their medical records as an example of innovation.