Advances in information technology present enormous opportunities to improve people’s lives. Markle works to realize the potential of information technology to address previously intractable public problems, for the health and security of all Americans.


John and Mary R. Markle established the Markle Foundation in 1927 "to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge among people of the United States, and to promote the general good of mankind." Markle’s mission has evolved over the years. Markle led the expansion of talent in academic medicine from 1934 to 1969. It shifted at that point to developing and using communication and information to enhance lifelong learning and to promote an informed citizenry.

In 1998, Markle President Zoë Baird and the Board of Directors redirected the foundation to focus on harnessing emerging technologies to improve the lives of all Americans. Early in Ms. Baird’s tenure, Markle initiated collaborations to expand access to the Internet in developing countries and worked to ensure public representation in global Internet governance processes. Markle has worked over the last decade in the areas of National Security and Health. Markle’s work has helped strengthen national security by improving how the federal government shares information and better health and health care by improving how medical professionals and consumers communicate. These major reforms were embodied in sweeping national security and health care law.
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Markle is currently working on a new initiative to set our country on a path to build the American Dream for a new era by leveraging technology and advancing public and private leadership and individual action.
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